Xayah and Rakan Available Now

Midseason 2017

God Fist Lee Sin

Welcome to the Rakan Champion Spotlight.

Welcome to the Xayah Champion Spotlight.

This one has ARAM updates!

Watch the best Nordic teams battle for glory throughout this weekend!

Behold the power of a god.

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Event Recap: EU LCS 3rd Place Match

Relive the best moments from yesterday's 3rd Place Match between Fnatic & Misfits
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Knights will dethrone kings, or die trying.
1 day ago

2017 EU LCS Spring Finals Tee

The spring title is on the line in Hamburg. Grab the official shirt online for a limited time.
1 day ago

The Final Stand

They play for glory. They fight for redemption.
2 days ago

Send Us Your Best Plays!

To celebrate the release of Xayah and Rakan, we’re highlighting some of your best plays in a unique montage video that will be featured in the client.
2 days ago